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CEDVAL-LESat Hamburg University

Compilation of Experimental Data for Validation of Microscale Dispersion Models
WebSite provided by the Environmental Wind Tunnel Laboratory (EWTL) of the Meteorological Institute

Data Sets

Complexity 0
flow within an "empty" boundary-layer (only roughness elements on test section)

Complexity 1         flow around an isolated obstacle

Complexity 2         flow within regular arrays of obstacles (highly idealized urban geometry)

Complexity 3           flow within a more realistic but still idealized urban geometry         ("Michel-Stadt")

Complexity 4
flow within a realistic urban geometry

flow within a moderately rough boundary layer (scale: 1:500)

flow within a rough boundary layer (scale: 1:300)

flow within a very rough boundary layer (scale: 1:225)

BL3-2 flow within an array of cube like houses with flat and slanted roofs (scale: 1:225)BL3-3 "Michel-Stadt" (scale: 1:225)