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CEDVAL-LESat Hamburg University

Compilation of Experimental Data for Validation of Microscale Dispersion Models
WebSite provided by the Environmental Wind Tunnel Laboratory (EWTL) of the Meteorological Institute

News & Announcements

On this page all changes and modifications of the website , especially changes to CEDVAL-LES data sets are listed chronological. You should check this page from time to time in order to stay updated ...

CHANGES in data sets are marked BOLD ! (last change 10-05-2009)

03-09-09The CEDVAL-LES website was established.
04-29-09Update: complexity 0 (documentation and UW flow data)
10-05-09New: complexity 0 (BL3 UV flow data)
03-25-10New: complexity 2 (BL3 UV/UW flow data)
06-08-10New: complexity 3 (BL3 UV flow data)
11-05-10New: complexity 2 (BL3 puff dispersion data)