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How to ... ?

Most of what is valid for standard summary tables also applies here. The views are all predefined, so there is not much to tweak manually.

Basicly these lists give an overview of what is currently stored in the database: All published and reviewed models are listet there alphabetically as well as all the contributors to this database. Furthermore the known model classification by type (meteorologic and/or chemistry&tansport) and scale is given here.

By clicking on a model's short or full name you get to the detail view of one model. This view is quite similar to the edit view, but naturally you can't change anything there. To expand or collapse parts of the form, please use the [+] and [-] buttons next to each headline. Note that these headlines are those categories that you find in the selector boxes for qualities in the search form on page one and two.

If you hold your pointer over anything that is underlined dashed, a quickinfo box will appear, frequently containing more information on what is meant by the category's or quality's name.


  1. My model(s) don't appear in the model list. What is wrong?
    First make sure, you removed the cross at the checkbox saying "Model information still incomplete". Then it will take some hours to some days for the administration to check if the model is not just spam and finally to publish the model.
    The same thing applies for every update you make. Until published, the old version of the model will be displayed.
  2. Further questions?
    Send them to Heinke Schluenzen.