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How to ... ?

First of all, you have to be registered to be able to create new models and later edit them. Please refer to the User profile page if you got questions about this.

Once logged in, the page "Edit and create models" will display a list of your models. By clicking on a title you can edit existing models, by clicking on "Create new model" you can start from the scratch.

A third possibility is to open an existing model, and pressing the "Copy model" button at the bottom. This will discard any changes in the edit form, but copy all information into a new model. The feature is mostly intented to be used to document the development progress of one specific model, but can be used as a normal shortcut as well.

The input form works in the same way as the detail view does: The various qualities are listed and grouped according to their category. By clicking on the [+] and [-] buttons you can expand or collapse certain categories. Again the dashed underline indicates that there is a quick info available for this quality or category.

You don't have to enter all data at once. If you don't want the model to be published yet, just leave the cross at the checkbox "Model information still incomplete". Then you can come back at any later time and continue entering the data. But when you're finished, don't forget to remove the cross!

By marking the model information to be complete you automatically trigger the review of your input by the administration. This is nesseccary to avoid spam entries. Your model should then appear online after a few hours to a few days.


  1. My model(s) don't appear in the model list. What is wrong?
    First make sure, you removed the cross at the checkbox saying "Model information still incomplete". Then it will take some hours to some days for the administration to check if the model is not just spam and finally to publish the model.
    The same thing applies for every update you make. Until published, the old version of the model will be displayed.
  2. Where will my information appear?
    Your model will appear in matching summary tables, the list and detail view as well as in any matching custom query. Your name will also be added to the Contributors list.
  3. Further questions?
    Send them to Heinke Schluenzen.