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Entities of the databse

A folder for qualities and subcontainers. They are primary used to group and organise qualities. In the detail view of a model these containers define the headlines and are expandable via "[+]" buttons.
A meteorological and/or chemical and transport model stored in the Cost Model Inventory.
Model version
Models may be stored in various versions. Whenever you copy one of your models, you in fact create a new version of this model. If you want to document the development of your model, this is the feature of choice.
Output type
May be currently HTML, HTML-contentonly, XML, CSV or LaTeX. Summary tables can be rendered in each of these output types, offering various possibilities for exporting or processing the data.
Picked Item (in a pair of selector boxes)
Those items that are listed on the right side. Not to confuse with selected items, which are just highlighted. Highlighted items can be transferred between the selector boxes using the arrow buttons.
A binary or textual information describing a specific aspect of a model. Currently there are more than 500 qualities available.
A query consists of a set of models and a set of qualities. Each query defines which model to compare by which qualites - so the result of a query is a summary table.
Selected Item (in selector boxes)
Those items that are highlighted. Not to confuse with those items you picked, and therefore appeare on the right selector box.
Summary Table
The result of a query. There are many predifined summary tables, referred to as standard summary tables. They may be displayed or exported via different output types.

List of variables (Meteorology):

u : west-east wind component

v:  south-north wind component

w:  vertical wind component

ζ : vorticity

pv: potential vorticity

T: real temperature

θ: potential temperature

θl: liquid Water potential temperature

p: pressure

Gph: geopotential height

ρ: density

qv: humidity

qt: total liqid water

qlc: liqid water in clouds

qf: total frozen water

qsc: ice in clouds

qlr: rain

qsh: hail

qsg: graupel

qss: snow

N: cloud fraction

E: turbulent kinetic energy

ε: dissipation

K: exchange coefficient

zi: mixing height


List of variables (Chemistry)

SO2: Sulfur dioxide

NO: Nitric oxide

NO2: Nitrogen dioxide

NOx: Mono-nitrogen oxides

NH3: Ammonia

HNO3: Nitric acid

O3: Ozone

CH4: Methane

DMS: Dimethyl sulfide

H2O2: Hydrogen peroxide

VOC: Volatile organic compound

C6H6: Benzene

HCHO: Formaldehyde

CO: Carbon monoxide

CO2: Carbon dioxide

POP: Persistant organic pollutant

PM 10: Particles of 10 micrometers or less

PM 2.5: Particles less than 2.5 micrometers

PPM10: Less than 10 parts per million

PM 0.1: Particles less than 0.1 micrometers

PM 1: Particles less than 1 micrometers

NH4: Ammonium

SO4: Sulfate


sea salt

BC: Bicarbonate

POM: Polyoxymethylene

SOA: Secondary organic aerosol

NO3: Nitrate

1st radioactivity:

2nd radioactivity:

3rd radioactivity:

Cd: Cadmium

Pb: Lead

Explanations for specific qualities

Nothing to see here yet.