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CEDVAL at Hamburg University

Compilation of Experimental Data for Validation of Microscale Dispersion Models
WebSite provided by the Environmental Wind Tunnel Laboratory (EWTL) of the Meteorological Institute

How to Prepare Data for publication in CEDVAL

All data sets published on the CEDVAL web site are supposed to follow a simple file structure as well as a strict naming convention. Each data set must consist of the following files:

DT-filedocumentation of the test case, brief description of the setup and the data
PT-fileset of parameter defining the physical boundary conditions of the experiment
AF-fileapproaching flow data (wind profile, boundary layer measurements)
TR-filetest results, point-structured list
EE-filedocumentation of the estimated uncertainty of measurements (error bands)
RE-fileresults of a test for Reynolds-number independence of the experiments
FV-filesvisualization of test results, images taken from flow/dispersion visualization experiments
SS-filesdrawings/sketches clearly documenting the experimental setup and geometrical relationships
CO-fileprividing a contact address of the author(s) of a data set

Further Information can be found in the CEDVAL file naming convention table

For publication the CEDVAL-compatible set of data should be submitted as ASCII (data) and JPEG (FV/SS-files)!