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CEDVAL at Hamburg University

Compilation of Experimental Data for Validation of Microscale Dispersion Models
WebSite provided by the Environmental Wind Tunnel Laboratory (EWTL) of the Meteorological Institute

News & Announcements

On this page all changes and modifications of the website , especially changes to CEDVAL data sets are listed chronological. You should check this page from time to time in order to stay updated ...

CHANGES in data sets are marked BOLD ! (last change 01-26-2006)

01-26-06Datasets D1-1, D1-2, D1-3 and D1-4 have been updated
07-12-04Comment for users of cube flow datasets: the approach flow data indicate that the LDA probe might have been aligned with angular tilt of approx. 1.5°. Thus, a corresponding angular offset on the u- and v-component could be considered when comparing components of the wind vector separately.  Unfortunately, the exact alignment error cannot be traced back because the corresponding documentation files are missing. 
02-12-04Dataset A1-1, file A1-1-TR.XLS and A1-1-TR.TXT have been updated (turbulence degree data)
10-24-03CEDVAL was moved to a new server providing a higher security and faster access to the data. For the sake of a better maintenance of the web site, we decided to simplify the individual pages.
10-24-03Scaling of the results in data set A1-1 and B1-1 needed to be changed for consistency of the data sets. The inconsistency in the according AF- and TR-files was detected by a user of the files. An updated, corrected version of the data sets affected is available now.
09-15-01A new data category D was set up in CEDVAL. Type D data sets are dealing with odour dispersion modeling.
07-27-00A set of new data has been added in category B, providing flow measurements in an idealized intersection
06-07-00Restructuring CEDVAL has been finished. Changes in the structure of data files have been made, data are now available as MS Excel-compatible files also. A new, improved data set has been published for dataset A1-3.
02-15-99The first CEDVAL data set was published on the web site.
08-01-98The CEDVAL website was established.